If you are unhappy, start with the body.

  • Nourish it. Rest it. Move it.

If you are uninspired, start with the mind.

  • Excite it. Expose it. Open it.

If you are unmotivated, start with the heart. 

  • Find your why. Do something that matters. Be of service.

For every undesirable state of being, there are at least three ways to elevate your mood and shift your emotional trajectory.

Source: Vex King, Healing Is the New High

My Thoughts

The idea of “Elevating our lives  is a powerful and compelling message that encourages us to take control of our emotional state and actively pursue personal growth and development. There are three key areas to focus on when seeking to improve one’s life: the body, the mind, and the heart.

The first step towards a happier life, is to prioritize physical health and well-being. This involves nourishing the body with healthy food, getting enough rest, and engaging in regular exercise. By taking care of the body, we can boost our energy levels and improve our overall mood.

Next, we focusing on the mind. By exposing oneself to new ideas and experiences, we can ignite our creativity and find new sources of inspiration. This can involve reading books, attending workshops or lectures, or simply trying new things.

Finally, we focus on the heart. By finding a sense of purpose and engaging in activities that make a difference, we can tap into a deep well of motivation and drive. This can involve volunteering, mentoring others, or pursuing a career that aligns with one’s values and passions.

Overall, “Elevate Your Life” is a powerful call to action that encourages us all to take responsibility for our emotional state and actively seek out ways to improve our lives. With a focus on physical health, mental stimulation, and purpose-driven action, anyone can shift their emotional trajectory and elevate their mood to new heights

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