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Roger Beltran

We reached out to Lamont Hyde after being referred to him through our family lawyer and friend.
I expressed to lamont that I had been renting most of my life and was ready to start laying down the foundation for financial security for his family and i knew owning our own home was our first step. Lamont completely agreed with me and immediately went to work. He qualified me and since I was a veteran I was able to apply for a VA loan and get all the benefits that a VA loan have such as a great low rate and 0% downpayment with no MI.
Lamont sent me listing and we started to go looking for homes with his team partner Corbett Uzel. Corbett was awesome and patiently showed us homes. We finally found the perfect home and we got our offer accepted. Lamont & Corbett helped us finance and purchase our 1st home. they guided us through the mountain of escrow and loan paperwork

The Beltran's in front of their new home.

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