Fun Friday with Seinfeld

Laughing is so good for the soul and that’s what Fun Friday is all about. Having fun, laughing and feeling ready to soak in the relaxing weekend.

I have been a fan of Jerry Seinfeld since the 90’s. Hard to believe the this is now considered classic TV. I have always thought that a “show about nothing” was a brilliant concept and his stand up is just as funny and brilliant.

The Fun Friday Crew

Friday is a day each week we can celebrate. After a a week of work well done (hopefully you love your work like I do) Coming into the weekend brings the idea of rest and a recharging of our minds and bodies. I like to unwind with my family and we try and do something fun each Friday to kick the weekend off.

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If you are unhappy, start with the body. Nourish it. Rest it. Move it. If you are uninspired, start with the mind. Excite it. Expose it. Open it. If you are unmotivated, start with the heart.  Find your why. Do something that matters. Be of service. READ MORE>>>
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The Hyde Report April 2024

The Hyde Report April 2024 features up to the minute real estate news & trends along with articles designed to help improve your real estate IQ
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“Naturally Clean: DIY Recipes for a Home that Smells Amazing”

Check out the world of sweet-smelling cleanliness with my video on homemade cleaners powered by essential oils! If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the harsh chemicals lurking in traditional cleaning products, fret no more. Here is a natural, effective alternative that not only leaves your home sparkling but also fills it with delightful aromas.
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Most of us look forward to the month of April as spring returns with warm temperatures, blooming flowers, and many outdoor festivals. As we embrace April, we also reflect on the culmination of the first quarter of 2024. It's a pivotal moment to assess the pulse of our local real estate market. Be sure to stay tuned for my upcoming market reports, where I'll provide insightful statistics on how our communities have fared in the opening months of the year.
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I met Mr Hyde in 2017 while searching for someone to help my sister in law who was in a financially challenging position
I was referred to Lamont Hyde from a neighbor of mine who had used him to purchase her home a few years back. My mother had past away a few months
My wife & I never thought we could afford to own our home. We were currently living with my mother since being married 8 years ago.
Lamont Hyde Broker / Owner of THG Realty & Loans

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